“You grow it, We mow it”

Solar Farming Solution (SFS) was established by its partners to take care of the needs of the increasing number Solar Farms being constructed in Australia.  Each farm requires a unique requirement of grounds vegetation management plan to be maintained. Vegetation management also addresses issues such as fire risks, shading of panels, weed, pest and vermin control.

We started as farmers local to a new Solar Farm and saw an opportunity to solve a growing need for Solar farm maintenance. Over the last year the Partnership has grown rapidly and expanded to taking care of solar farms throughout NSW, Victoria and Queensland.  

Solar Farming Solutions works alongside large solar farm operating companies and neighbouring farmers to  create ground management plans that meet the individual need of each farm.

Our Services

Slashing/ Mowing of vegetation.

Only select solar farms allow spacing between arrays for the tractor and slasher to pass through. The solar farms in which do not allow this because of spacing/cable trays and shafts we instead use mowers.  The tractor and slasher are also very effective on outer panel areas to clear and tidy up vegetation.

Spray using different Herbicide and Pesticide applications

Spraying to control unwanted noxious weeds along roads and within the vegetation is an effective and efficient way of eradicating unwanted weeds. We have qualified experienced staff to repel this problem.


“You delay it, We spray it”

Firebreak construction and maintenance.

The fire breaks will help in controlling any accidental fires within the solar farm and making sure neighboring towns/farms are kept clear of any fires spreading. This should also be part of Solar farms Fire escape plans.


Pruning and Plantings of screening perimeter trees.

This practice is used alongside of solar farms visual impact statements which usually have the conclusion of the perimeter plantings to reduce glare to neighboring farms/ towns and landscapes. These plantings also benefit the solar farms by reducing dust onto the panels which increase’s power generation.

Agronomist Reports

Our solar farm management plans often require an Agronomist report. This report helps both us and the solar farms operating companies to come to agreements in managing and implementing efficient ground maintenance.

Livestock(sheep) management to keep vegetation down.


“Putting the Farming back into solar farms”

Sheep are a very good way at combatting high vegetations and are often used alongside the “spray graze technique”. The reason for this is when the weeds are sprayed as per Agronomist directions it generally makes them more palatable for the sheep which then eliminates them from the pastures as the weed is usually eaten before it goes into seed. It is also very cost effective as the herbicide rates used are low. As Solar Farming Solutions full ground maintenance plans usually involve sheep it is important we also manage this part of the plan as it goes along side our mowing/ slashing/ spraying arrangements for it to work efficiently and effectively. It is also important that the sheep are within solar farms to help build the health of the soil and ensure proper drainage by trimming within the drainage systems.